BG Services


    • Gas Coolant
    • Diesel Coolant – (Primary coolant only, $149.99 additional per system – some Diesels have


Engine performance Restoration:

  • Gas -EPR Cleaner and MOA.
  • Diesel – EPR Cleaner and Diesel Oil Conditioner.
    Note: This must be combined with an LOF and will add 15 minutes to service.


  • Car ATF Service (12qt)
  • Truck ATF Service (16qt)
  • CVT ATF Service
    Note: CVT is drain and fill, Flush does not apply.
  • Driveline Service
    Note: YOU MUST check the BG app to bill the correct fluid for your differential or transfer case application. There are (3).

P/S Service:

  • Domestic
    Note: YOU MUST Check the BG App to choose the correct service – some domestics use the Euro fluid.
  • Brake Fluid Service
    Note: YOU MUST look up what brake fluid is to be used on the BG app and bill the correct service – there are (3).

Fuel Services:

    • GDI Fuel System
      Note: YOU MUST look on the BG App to make sure the vehicle you want to service is compatible with BG machine. If it is not listed, it cannot performed.

Conventional Fuel System

  • Throttle Body Cleaning Service
    Note: Combine this with a new engine air filter.
  • AC Evaporator Cleaning Service
    Note: This must be combined with a new Cabin Air Filter.
  • Battery Service